registration of foreign companies

Law firm  Konfuzius Legal Advice OÜ is engaged in registration of foreign companies in different jurisdictions. Given today's economic realities and trends in tax planning, we recommend our clients to pay attention to such jurisdiction as Estonia, Denmark, Malta, Hong Kong and UK. Among offshore jurisdictions Belize holds the bar. 
Nominee services are also in demand, but we recommend to consider about  not to use them (at least from the year 2017) in view of the widespread development of legislation on the disclosure of data of the beneficiaries, the adopted  International Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, measures BEPS and AML. 
 The estimated cost of company registration in popular jurisdictions: 
 1. Estonia - from  400 euro (in the absence of the Estonian ID-card) 
 2. Denmark - K / S (Danish Limited Partnership (Kommanditselskab) from 6,000 euro 
 3. United Kingdom - UK LLP, Ltd - from 1000 euro
 4. Malta            from  4000 euro
 5. Hong Kong  from  1600 euro
 6. Cyprus         from  2000 euro
 7. Belize           from  1000 euro 

For getting more precise price, including registration in other jurisdictions, please contact: 
Tel. 372 58372432 

For the registration of the foreign company you will need to: 
1. Complete the personal identification in our office in Tallinn
2. Provide a valid passport 
3. Provide bank references
4. Provide a utility bill (Utility bill) with the address of the place of residence, name and surname
5. Provide contact details and fill in the Clint's questionnaire
6. Make a payment for your company. 
All data provided by clients are confidential and requested by us in accordance with the Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing Law of Republic of Estonia. 

Time reservation for legal consultation:
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